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Appliance Pocket Protector

Don’t let your appliance purchase be stressful, let Warranty Reps handle the unexpected delivery, install or backorder issues and navigate you through the ups and downs of your dream kitchen. You won’t be oversold as our Appliance Pocket Protector Service will protect your pocket and help you pick out the best appliances for your individual needs and much more…

Warranty Reps Appliance Pocket Protector Service will provide our clients a more personalized appliance shopping experience. We assist with all the details and are there with you through the whole appliance buying process. Our Appliance Pocket Protector Service provides you peace of mind, knowing you have someone that is paying attention to your specific needs and wants and protecting your pocket.



  • Peace of Mind
  • Specific Attention on your specific needs and wants
  • Delivery Follow Ups
  • In Home Consultations
  • Recommended Retailers
  • Personalized Shopping Experience
  • Attention to the details
  • Avoid getting oversold
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Appliance Pocket Protector Service - Full Details

  1. Schedule a 1 Hour in Home Consultation, during the Consultation we will discuss your needs and wants, go over some digital content of products available, make product and brand recommendations.
  2. We schedule and meet with you for 2 separate 1-hour Sessions at the Warranty Reps recommended Retailers to view products that are based on your individual needs and wants.
  3. We will provide you quotes and product specs from our recommended retailers and provide a 30 min. Consultation by phone or in person to discuss the pricing and details about your appliance purchase.
  4. When you agree to move forward with a quote from one of our Recommended retailers, we will schedule a date to meet with you at the retailer to make the purchase.
  5. When you purchase from one of Warranty Reps recommended Retailers we will call you within 2 Days in advance of your delivery date to ensure you are ready for the delivery, during this call we can assist with the rescheduling and or any detail changes needed.
  6. Anytime during this process, you will be able to call Warranty Reps with any questions, concerns, updates and for anything regarding your order until it is delivered, and we will get it taken care of for you.
  7. Within 24 Hours of Delivery we will provide a follow up call to ensure you are satisfied with your products, purchase and the service we provided.